General information

How does it work?


1. Registrer for an online account
Registrer for a free trial account. Activate your account by clicking on your confirmation email, which will start a wizard to setup your administration, your home address and first trip.

2. Download the Track Assistant App
Download the App in the AppStore or Google Play. At first use of the App, login once with the same user name and password as your online account. The App will sync with you online account, including settings like your home address and favorites.  Your administration is ready for use, all set to track your trips while you are on the go. Either by using the GPS location button, your favorites or manually entering the location. From now on, your App is always ready to use, no need to login again.

3. Register your car trips
When you add trips with your App, it automatically syncs your trips to your online account, where you can create the reports you need. And the other way around: trips added or modified in your online account are synced with your smartphone App. Same for your favorites and labels defined in your online account. Don’t have a smartphone? No problem, you can do everything with your online account if you would like to.

Your data is safely stored in the cloud. So no risk that you are losing your data. Even in the painful situation that you have lost your phone, your data is always there in your online account.

You can trial Track Assistant a month for free, without any obligation. When you decide to continue to use Track Assistant afterwards, the monthly costs are only €4,99 (VAT included). With the flexibility to stop your subscription any month.

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Is it really convenient?


Give it a try and you can decide for yourself. But keep in mind that Track Assistant is the only car trip registration tool that syncs your registered trip on your smartphone with your online account. Safely storing your trip administration in the cloud: always a back-up. And within your online account you can create and download the reports you need.

Let’s get started. Register and test Track Assistant one month for free.


Can I download the trips that I have registered?


Sure. When you login to your online account, you can filter the trips that you would like to see, which will show up in your overview. The next step is to click the download button to get the report your are looking for: a PDF, an Excel file or a CSV file.

Can I upload an existing trip administration?

Absolutely. After you have subscribed for a trial account, you can download an Excel template. When you add your existing trips to the Excel template, you can import the file and these trips immediately show up in your administration.

Subscription & pricing

Is this solution for free?


A subscription to Track Assistant is only €4,99 a month (incl. VAT). However, you can test it for free. One month, to be precise. At the end of this trial month you have the option to turn it into a paid subscription, which you can terminate every month. In case you don’t do anything, the trial simply expires and you are obliged to nothing.


Do I need to pay for using the smartphone app?


No, there are no separate costs for using our smartphone apps. When you have a subscription for Track Assistant, you can download and use the smartphone app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
Can I provide my employees a subscription to Track Assistant?


Certainly. When you start your free trial, you have the option to choose either a so called single-account or a multi-account. When you select the multi-account, you will be the administrator, enabling you to create accounts and administrations for your colleagues/employees. After creation of the account, the user is invited by email to complete the registration by chosing a password. All set.

At the end of the free trial you have the option to continue with 10, 20 or up to 50 accounts. Even more accounts needed? let us know via



Why should I use the smartphone app?
With the smartphone app you can easily register your trip while your on the go. For example, when you have arrived at your destination, you register your trip (using GPS, your favourites or manually added). The app automatically syncs your trip to your online account at, safely backed-up in the cloud, ready to create your reports.
Where can I find the smartphone apps?
The iPhone app is available iTunes. The Android app can be downloaded in Google Play.

Track your trips mobile & online

With back-ups & reports, it doesn’t get easier than this!
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