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How does it work?

1. Register your online account
Register for a free trial account and go to the wizard in which you create your Administration (step 1), enter your Home address (step 2) and create your Favorites (step 3).

2. Download the Track Assistant App
Download the App in AppStore or Google Play. When using the App the app the first time, you need to log in once. Username and password are the same as those of your online account. Your administration is then synced and you can directly log your trips on the go with Favorites, GPS or manually. Logging in is not necessary anymore, your App is always ready for use. The unique calculations of Track Assistant make the right split for you between business and private kilometers within one ride. 

3.Your back-up and trip overview reports
Sync the data from your App to your online account and you can print reports directly. It works without a smartphone as well: you can always add trips to your online account and manage your personal data. Lost your phone? Your synced data is stored securely at Track Assistant.

You can try your TrackAssitant account for free for a month without any obligation. Then you can convert the trial account into a paid subscription, if you wish. The costs for this are € 3, – excl VAT or € 3.63 incl. VAT per month. The corresponding iPhone or Android App is free. The subscription can also be canceled per month. We are happy to help you with questions! Send your question to

How can I download my administration?

Via your online account you can always directly download your data from your trip logging in Excel, CSV or PDF format. Just select the dates you would like to see and click the appropriate report button.

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