Automated trip logging with your iPhone

An iPhone App that starts registering, as soon as you enter your car.

How does it work?

The iPhone trip registration App recognizes that you are getting into your car by connecting to the iBeacon. As soon as you end your trip and leave the car, the App disconnects from the iBeacon and registers the end of the journey. All movements between start and stop are processed into a route. Including the calculation of the distance. And the journey is automatically added to your mileage administration. The iPhone app gives you notifications as soon as a trip has started, terminated and is processed.

What do you need?

For automatic trip logging with the Track Assistant iPhone App, you need an iBeacon. You can by a Track Assistant iBeacon in our webshop . You can choose between a USB iBeacon or a draught iBeacon. The latter has the shape of a draught piece and is fed by a battery.

Is everything automated?

Mileage registration is fully automatic, but you can always add or adjust trips manually. The only thing you have to do with an automated trip afterwards is to indicate if it was a private destination. By default, every destination is registered as a business trip.


Are there any disadvantages?

The disadvantage of automatic trip registration is that the battery consumption of the smartphone is somewhat higher, because motion detection and GPS is always active in the background. The experience is, however, that this extra consumption is not disturbing. How much the actual consumption is, is something you can always check under Battery in your Settings.

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