Automated trip logging for Android

A mileage administration App that starts registering as soon as you enter your car.

How does it work?

The Android App detects when you start a journey when your phone gets connected with your carkit / handsfree set of your car. As soon as you stop and leave the car, the app notices the end of the journey. All coordinates between these points are processed into a route, including a calculation of the distance. The app gives you notifications as soon as a trip is started, terminated and processed.

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What do you need?

The Android app from Track Assistant uses the bluetooth connection of the handsfree car kit in your car. In other words, for automatic trip logging, your car needs to have a Bluetooth connection that you are using for hands-free calling. You do not need anything else: no black box or any other device to enable automated trip logging with Track Assistant.

Automated trip registration

Trip registration is fully automatic, but you can always add or adjust trip data manually. By default, every destination is registered as business destination. Therefore the only thing you have to do, after an automated trip is added to your administration, is to change the purpose of the trip if it was a private destination.

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