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Enter your final destination at the end of a ride and GoogleMaps will calculate the distance. Immediately update the distance if it deviates from the actual distance, so that your odometer reading matches and your trip registration is conclusive.


Start the trip registration by moving the slider to the right and stop it with the same movement. The route and distance is automatically determined according to the route actually driven.


The App recognizes the start of a ride as soon as you sit in the car and the ride registration has begun. When getting out, the journey is ended, the distance of the route actually driven is determined and added to the mileage administration.

Are you a lease car driver, self-employed or entrepreneur with a fleet of vehicles?

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Company car

The easiest trip administration tool to distinguish your business miles from private ones. Tax proof.


The most convenient tool to track your trips and reimburse the costs from your client. Easy tracking and reporting.

Multiple cars

Consistent tracking, reporting and reimbursement of mobility costs within your company. One efficient solution for everyone!

Changing drivers

Every journey is automatically recorded in the mileage administration of the correct car in the name of the actual driver.

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The easiest trip registration app
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Automated trip logging for iPhone

Are you using an iPhone? The Track Assistant iPhone app uses an iBeacon, available in our webshop, to register exactly when you are driving and when the ride is finished. And which route you have driven. With this App, you automatically register your journeys for your mileage administration. Always with the correct distance, corresponding with the actual route you have driven. It can’t get easier than this./p>

Automated trip logging for Android

Do you have an Android smartphone? In that case the Track Assistant App automatically registers your trips. The Track Assistant car trip logging App automatically detects when you get into your own car and starts recording your route. As soon as you get out of the car, the App knows that your ride has ended and the trip data is processed. The journey is then automatically added to your miles administration. That is really convenient.

“This is exactly what I was looking for.”

Marco van den Bremer
Head IT Commercial Waste Netherlands, Shanks Waste Management

“Click and done, nothing to worry about.”

Bart Lensink
BART LENSINK organisatieadvies

“Handiest tool to register rides for my projects!”

Lucas Knol
CEO Justplugin

Easiest tool to track your miles

Whether you’re self-employed or on the job, whether you need it for a tax claim or an expense, or just want keep track for your own stats, Track Assistant offers you the most convenient app to track your car miles. No black-box that needs to be installed, no paper notes anymore in your dashboard drawer. No painful mileage administration anymore at the end of the month.

Miles or kilometers?

Living in the UK, Germany or Italy? In your Track Assistant account you can simply select the metric system you would like to use. Kilometers or miles. This will automatically setup your online account correctly, as well as your iPhone or Android app.

Your personal overview

Track Assistant is the only solution that syncs your milage administration between your App and your online account. In your online account you can create your personal reports by using filters like date, label and private versus business trips.

Multiple cars

Multi-user accounts are especially created for mobility managers, HR managers or finance departments. As an administrator you can provide accounts to the users you have selected. Convenience and efficiency are key.

Track your trips mobile & online

With back-ups & reports, it doesn’t get easier than this!
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