Multiple cars

One efficient solution for the whole company

Ditch the note book

With Track Assistant you have no notebook anymore, where you write your rides. So no more hassle with forgetting rides, illegible scribbles or worse, losing your notes. With Track Assistant to register your journeys via iPhone or Android Smartphone and synchronize them in the cloud with your online account.

No unnecessary private mileage

With a combined private and business drive is the directive of the Tax Administration that you only get the ‘diverted’ kilometers have to register as private kilometers. Track Assistant is the only one kilometer records with a unique algorithm ensures that it is automatically calculated. This makes it easier to stay within the 500 km border.

Alert on errors

For a comprehensive kilometer administration warns Track Assistant automatically when the rides are not aligned. It not only whether the odometer settings are correct, but also the address. So you end point of a ride is always equal to the starting point of your new mission. A requirement of the tax authorities.

Always a backup online

Nothing is more annoying than your journeys registered on your smartphone are gone. For example, because your phone is dropped into the water, or simply because he has gone. Track Assistant synchronizes your rides from your smartphone to your online account (and vice versa) so you can not only easily select reports and printing, but so above your journeys are kept safe.

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