Mileage administration for changing drivers

Convenience for every employee and fleet manager

Who used which car?

If several people can use one or more of the same cars, it becomes quickly difficult to record a comprehensive mileage administration per car. With a partial car subscription from Track Assistant it is a piece of cake. The App of Track Assistant automatically registers the ride on the correct administration in the name of the right driver.

Synchronization & backup online

Every app of every user synchronizes the trip data to the online account on the Track Assistant server, so that all trips come together there. The App also lists the most recent journeys of the car, so that the correct odometer reading continues. The online account offers the administrator the possibility to view and download reports. Online backups are constantly created, so that no information is lost if a smartphone is lost.

How does it work?

Each driver gets their own account and login credentials for the App. As soon as one of the drivers gets into the car, the App recognizes the car. The trip registration is started and the App registers the starting point, the end point, the route and the distance. This data is then stored in the mileage administration for that specific car.


Logged trips of other users are of course hidden for privacy reasons so that the name and ride information of other drivers are not accesible. If a driver makes a private ride, the address is also masked for the manager and only ‘private destination’ is shown. The distance and who drove is of course visible.

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