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Track your trips for your client(s)

Save time

Along easily track rides for your clients. Whether there is one or superiors: with Track Assistant please register each trip with a few clicks and create a snap correctly rides reporting for billing. Or to declare the business journeys with your private car.

Report per client

At Track Assistant can use your labels to assign a common characteristic for a ride. Who do you make within your online account and then also use the smartphone app. Add a label to each ride, for example, a project name or name of the client. At the end of the month you can easily create an overview for each feature, as you can filter out the labels used.

Monthly terminable

Track Assistant, you can try a free month. Do you like it? Then you can then go on for only € 3,- per month, excl. VAT. The monthly fee is automatically debited and the invoices will be made available in your online account. And if you want to for whatever reason stop? You can terminate our services every month without any hassle.

Always a backup online

Nothing is more annoying than your journeys registered on your smartphone are gone. For example, because your phone is dropped into the water, or simply because he has gone. Track Assistant synchronizes your rides from your smartphone to your online account (and vice versa), so you not only can easily select and print reports, but especially so that your journeys are kept safe.

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